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RAW Photo Recovery Step by Step Guide

How to Recover RAW Images from SD Card on Mac?

Digital cameras always use JPG, PNG or RAW as the format to save images. Many people know JPG well because it is more common in daily life. But do you know that some professional photographers would like to prefer RAW images because of its advantages. Then if you want to use RAW, you have to know what RAW images are firstly.

RAW image are often referred to as the "digital negative". They are virtually unprocessed files which come directly from the camera sensor. RAW is a proprietary format that can not be supported by all software products. So it is not like JPEG files that can use most image-viewing/editing programs to open, view or print easily. RAW is related to the camera manufacturer and sensor closely. RAW files have more colors and dynamic range than other image formats and can save the most amount of information about an image. RAW files have two parts: the actual RAW data from the camera sensor and a processed JPEG preview. So digital cameras can use the rear LCD to display recorded images.

But RAW images are difficult for inexpert people to recover when you lose from you digital camera SD card by accident. Because different manufacturers have different RAW file formats due to their manufacture model. So you have to figure out what kind of RAW image file format your camera SD card use. Common RAW image file formats includes 3FR (Hasselblad) BAY (Casio), CR2, CRW (Canon), KDC (Kodak), DCS, DCR, MEF (Mamiya), MRW (Minolta), PEF (Pentax), RAF (Fuji),PTX, and RAW, RW2 (Panasonic). And as JPEG is more popular, only a few data recovery software can support RAW format images for recovering. Fortunately, our fantastic software SD Card Recovery can help you recognize the RAW format of your SD card. Just follow the steps below and then you can get your lost RAW images back easily. (This is the tutorial of SD Card Recovery for Mac. If you are a user of Windows, Please use SD card Recovery for Windows in similar steps.)

Step 1: Preparation

Please connect your SD card to your computer. You'd better use a SD card reader to make sure that the SD card can be recognized by your computer. Then open SD card Recovery for Mac after installing it.

Connect your SD card

Step 2: Proper Selection

At first please choose your SD card recognized by computer. Then you need to select your camera brand in the "search for" list, and then you can see image types related to this brand have been chosen in the following list. We advise you to select "all cameras" and it will choose all image format types automatically. Of course you can choose the accurate camera brand in the list if you want.

Choose image format

Step 3:Scan and Save

Before starting the scan, you need to click the "Options" button and browse the folder you want to save recovered files in. Then just click the "Start Scan" button to scan. The scanned images will be show in the list while scanning, you can click them to preview under the list. And you can see the scan progress in the bottom.

Recover RAW Images

Step 4: At last

When the scan is completed, you can check your recovered RAW images in the saving folder.

Check Recovered RAW images

Of course, It is our great pleasure to serve you with SD Card Recovery. just by downloading software and following a few steps.

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