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Recover lost CR2 images from formatted SD card

Here is the experience of a user who recovered lost CR2 images from formatted SD card successfully with SD Card Recovery for Mac.

I am a professional photographer and had done a shoot for a client, during shooting I had been checking and going through the images and everything looked fine, it was only when I inserted the SD card into my Apple Mac desktop computer, and just to clarify the OS I am running at present is Snow Leopard 10.6 I discovered there was a problem with the SD card. The card had mounted on the desktop but when I opened it the folders were there but I was unable to see any of the images, the folder they should of been in looked totally empty of any kind of data. I then removed it and inserted it into a secondary SD card reader, this time the card failed to even mount, instead I had a screen message saying that this card was unreadable by this computer, this I found a bit strange as it had mounted before, I removed it again and put it back into the Mac SD card slot, but instead of it mounting like it had before I had the same message I had when I used the stand alone card reader. Confused by this I removed it and proceeded to put the card back into the camera thinking I could just transfer directly from that instead as I had been able to view the images in the camera during shooting, when I tried this I had a screen message saying card not accessible and telling me to format the card. As I didn't want to loose the images I decided to look up recovery programs on the internet. On searching I did read an article which explained that if you can't get the SD card to mount then it would need to be formatted in the camera first to enable any data to be retrieved, so with some hesitation I did this and put it back into the card slot on the Mac and it mounted.

I then needed to find a way to get the CR2 images back. The first recovery program I found was the SanDiskPhotoRecovery, I tried this as it was Mac compatible but it failed to bring anything back, I then found a second one from Yodot, again without any success, neither of these where showing any type of data recovery at all which at this point I was getting a bit worried, then I found SD Card Recovery for Mac, read product notes in: and I installed the trial version hit the scan button and within seconds I was getting CR2 files showing up in your preview window, I was aware that I couldn't open these fully in the trial as it hadn't saved them, but as I could see them I proceeded to click the buy button, and within a few minutes I had my activation code and ALL of my images. The one thing that impressed me along with it's ability to pull the data back from the dead is it's ease of use, a few clicks and just watch the files loading on the program preview screen.

In a word, Applexsoft SD Card Recovery for Mac is a really great image recovery software, especially it can help me recover CR2 format images from SD card while other software can not. And it has saved me a lot of grief and I have already recommended Applexsoft SD Card Recovery to others I know. Finally, I hope that my experience can help people who have the similar situation as me.


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