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How to recover deleted photos from memory card on Mac?

People prefer to use SD card (memory card) as their multimedia flash storage for saving photos and other files of normal digital cameras to professional recording media. Memory card lets everyone save high resolution pictures and videos captured by any digital device. It also gives storage space for high resolution files to small sized files as well in the form of mini and micro memory cards.

Did you delete photos from your card’s memory accidentally or intentionally? Have you ever lost your precious photos, videos, memories shot by camera saved in memory card? Sometimes it happened that a lot of people click on “Format All” option while using memory card by mistake. This may cause a big problem for them. If you also came across this same problem then don’t worry we may solve this issue. You are still in panic and unable to find any useful way to recover all deleted, formatted and lost files and folders of photos and other stuff. You think, you can’t find any way to have all lost items but in reality, you can do this. You can still avail deleted photos that are actually hidden in the memory card because single delete option can’t erase the photos from card forever.

Data Loss Scenario:

How to get back lost photos from memory card on Mac?

If you are using any SD card then may perform SD card recovery by your self easily. It doesn’t matter whether you are operating Windows or Mac operating system. Series of lines that we are going to write will help you out in both cases. You can use any photo recovery software given by any third party and can recover deleted photos. You do not need to take help of professional data Recovery Company for help. You can do it by your self manually in no time without having any help from any company or professional. You only need to use right tools and have to follow instructions properly then you will get the answer of this question How to recover deleted photos from memory card on Mac or Windows.

Let’s start to follow the simple procedure for increasing chances to recover lost photos. Next steps will teach you about retrieving deleted pictures easily. You will need to have three things and some skills.

Three things that you should have:

  1. Reliable recovery software for memory card.
  2. Memory card.
  3. Mac Operating System.

Tips to remember first:

Step by step guide to recover photos from memory card on Mac:

The straight forward solution is to use any third part recovery software because it uses advanced algorithm that scans your SD card or flash memory and let the disk search deleted files.

You should use software that can rescue your lost data after format or corruption and can restore all types of files including JPEG, PNG, BMP, MP3, MP4, AVI, AIF, MPEG etc kind of generic files and the CRW, CR2, NEF, ORF, ARW, DNG etc kind of digital RAW image formats.

Step 1: Install the software version that suits to your OS of computer. You may install Mac version of SD Card recovery software if you are using an Apple laptop or computer. But if you are using Windows version instead of Mac then you may use Windows version software. The interface and usage of SD Card recovery are same.

Step 2: After installing software, connect your camera or any other media to your computer. You can also plug memory card into card reader (Mac machine) of computer or USB adapter. Now, launch card recovery software and select memory card or other device from where you want to perform recovery operation. You may select your desired device from a list of drive on the software. Make sure, you are selecting format of files as “All File Types“for recovering photos. It will search all deleted files present in your Macintosh including any format such as photos, video, documents, music etc.

Choose Types

Step 3: For saving files, choose “Options” button that can be found on the upper–left corner. Remember; don’t save recovered data to your memory card. You can save recovered data or photos to your computer’s hard drive or any other dive. Otherwise, recovered data will not be available again to recover and overwrite to previous deleted files. Some recovery software saves recovered files to hard drive automatically.

Options button

Step 4: Now, scan your memory card by clicking on “Start Scan” button. Scanning a card will display a list of photos names. And can see preview of them. Your files will be saved in the specified location.

Start Scan memory card

After completion of scan, you can view recovered data to check whether your deleted files are found or not then you can select your desired files from your memory card and can save into your specified location of computer. Some recovery software supports all kind of memory cards and SD cards. Now you can safely remove your card and can close photo recovery software.

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