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Formatted SD Card Recovery Step by Step Guide

How to Recover Formatted SD Card with SD Card Recovery Software?

Accidentally Formatted SD Card? Press the wrong buttons on the digital camera? It is a very common problem, you are not alone. You formatted SD card accidentally or you pressed the "Delete ALL" button by mistake.

Luckily, there are many applications that can help you recover formatted SD card with ease.

When you formatted your SD card, first you need to STOP using this card. All the data on this SD card can easily be overwrite if you put more things in it. Because the data and photos are very likely to still be there after you formatted your SD card. Once you overwrite the data, you will lose the chance to recover formatted SD card.

SD Card Recovery is an user-friendly data recovery software which support both Windows and macOS. The software is safe and can recover any file from formatted SD Card since it supports all popular formats.

Step by step guide: How to recover formatted SD card on Mac OS X?

SD Card recovery is a professional tool that designed to recover data from SD card. With the simple GUI, it can be used by first time users with ease. you can know how to recover lost data from a formatted SD card on Mac OS X. You need to download and install this software for Mac to your computer first.

To recover formatted SD card. please do according to the following steps:

Step 1: Simply attach the digital camera or media to your computer, or Put your SD card to a card reader and plug it into your computer. You will find the letter assigned to your SD cord on your computer. and run SD Card Recovery. Program main window will be displayed as shown in the following:

Recover formatted SD card

Step 2: Select the drive from the drive(s) list. Select the physical device if no drive letter has been assigned to your media.

Select the drive

Step 3: Select the file type you wish to recover (By default all the file types will be selected), or select the model camera you are using.

Select file Types

Step 4: Click the Options button and Select a folder to store the recovered files and/or photos.

Please Note: Never save data to SD card because it will cause overwriting. Saving the data to SD card would result in permanent data loss. Choose a separate drive and folder.

Options button

Choose Destination folder

Step 5: Click the "Start Scan" button, Application will start scanning your selected drive. Please wait until the process is completed.

Your files will automatically be saved in the specified folder.

Start Scan

Step 6: Verify that the formatted files have been recovered. Navigate to the destination folder you specified and drag the files back onto the SD card.

scan complete

Congratulations. you are successfully recovered formatted SD card

After the six steps, you will recover files from formatted SD card. The quicker you perform SD card format recovery, the more chance you will get your files back. Once your SD card is overwritten, you will lose the chance to recover files from formatted SD card forever. So there is no time for you to regret for not taking good care or backing up the SD card, stop using the SD card immediately and hurry up to try SD card recovery software to recover your formatted SD card.

Just download the trial version today and follow the instructions shown.

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